How to get sales from a website through Google

The big idea of Google search

People search with a keyword in Google when he intends to buy something. Why people do this because Google is able to give him better suggestion to buy the product from. Google,  within a couple of seconds, appear with almost thousand pages that are relevant to the search and the searcher can easily find out the best result from that pages. For example you want to buy a watch online. So what will you search with on Google? Probably your search phrase will be the best watch 2020. It means that you are looking for web pages that are talking about the best watches of 2020 in terms of many parameters. And Google using its artificial intelligence will bring exactly this kind of pages in front of you. Normally the best results appear at the first couple of pages in Google and people seem to have the desired results in the first page in most occasions. The ideal page for example can be the review of top ten watches 2020.

Now imagine, If your webpage is this identical page then what will happen?  People searching for the above mentioned keyword will find your page every time they do the search and most of them will visit your webpage as well. The consequence?  You will have tons of visitors everyday.

Now the question is how sales can be generated from the search.

Well, coming back to the example we gave earlier, your page entitled by the best watch review 2020 has been ranked in the first page of Google. And people are coming to your webpage after searching through the keyword mentioned earlier. Now, in your review page article, you have linked to a website that are selling quality watches which belongs to you. Now thing what will happen?  People will be redirected to your product site from the original review page and there is a certain chance that a portion of the visitors will buy watches from the redirected product page. And you can generate sales eventually.

Now let’s do a simple math, okay?

Assuming that 1000 people search for this term per month.
500 people go to your review site.
100 people go to your product site
Only 20 people buy watches finally.
So if the net profit for a watch is averagely 400 taka, then the extra sales of 8000 is possible to have per month!
Is not it amazing?
In real terms more sales is possible to generate though as I have taken the least possible numbers.

So, this is the basic philosophy of earning from Google ranking.

Many of you have noticed that nothing is possible to happen if your webpage is not found in the Google search result.

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