Articles and its Classifications

Articles are the presentation of a topic for the intended users through text, image and videos.
We do search on Google for information and learning. Following the search many webpages are presented containing the articles. The sense of article is is thus common among us.

By searching internet , you will find basically two kinds of articles.
One is informative articles and the other is money articles.

Informative articles: Articles that are made in a view to provide valuable information to the readers are called informative articles. For example, if an article is written on the importance of safe food or nutrition facts of 100 gram butter, will be informative articles as here some specific knowledge and information will be presented.

On the other hand, money articles are written to sell products directly or indirectly. For example, an article written on the topic of best laptop for office works will guide readers about some high quality laptops and probably with a buying link included somewhere in the article to drive the reader to buy a laptop.

So, we can say that, for providing value and info to the readers you are to create informative articles and to make people convince to purchase a product you will write money articles.

Hope it makes sense and the difference between two types of article is clear.